Come have a drink with us and learn how to show up powerfully online as a Coach, Consultant, and/or Expert! We will be meeting the first Tuesday of each month at Bar Louie- Downtown Cleveland to teach you everything we know about Social Media and Entrepreneurship! 
Meet your Facilitators: 
Erica Stepteau
Queen of Sales
Erica Stepteau is a Growth and Sales Strategist who empowers Tenacious Queens to create more impact, money, and freedom in their lives. She accomplishes this living by the mottos of #NoQueenLeftBehind & #NoCoinLeftBehind. Owner of the Tenacious Queen Academy, LLC, Stepteau creates powerful experiences for women business owners to maximize their profits while excelling in their realm of expertise. Stepeau’s current recognitions include the 2019 Boss Lady of Year & Female Advocate/Activist of the Year Nominee.

In her Facebook Group, Tenacious Queens Unite, there is a multitude of women who are typically in 3 different stages of their business: New, Established, and Shifting. Stepteau offers women business owners the opportunity to meet in person and gain one of a kind insights to take themselves to the next level. The Tenacious Queen Profit Incubators are held throughout the year across the nation and has proven to help women take immediate action and excel in their businesses.  

Stepteau’s career history includes highlights of Communications Expert in Human Resources and Sales Trainer at Wells Fargo. She has utilized her experience to create a unique sisterhood connection with her people, “I have a great gift and skill set in connecting people and identifying talent for my clients. When my clients book with me or invest in Tenacious Queen Academy programs they immediately obtain partnerships, exposure opportunities, new clients, and biz besties!” When Stepteau isn’t in her Queen of Sales mode you can catch her playing Rock Band, delving into Interior Design, and Netflix binging.

Stepteau has built a dynamic Tenacious Queen tribe that is like no other. Her success has been proven to help Queens earn consistent income and master the art of selling. The unity and support in her tribe is unmatched, resulting in client retention rates over 80%. In 2018 alone her clients collectively earned over 1 million dollars in revenue. 

You can learn more about the Tenacious Queen Academy at or the Tenacious Queen Profit Incubators at
Brittney Moffatt- Queen of Content and Social Media
Brittney Moffatt is an award-winning content writer and social media strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow their influence, visibility and engaged audience through content marketing! Her mission is to help women find their voice and speak confidently about their mission. She’s an ambitious millennial who started blogging as a way to uplevel her career as a marketing professional. Her blog, According to Brittney, upleveled her career, life and helped her start her own freelancing business.
According to Brittney guides women through “adulting,” entrepreneurship and marketing. She has worked with brands such as Uber, U.S. News and World Report, Dollar Tree and more! She helps women grow their brands daily through her Facebook Group, Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs, and her membership community, The Content Creation Academy.
Outside of her business and blog, she resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her boyfriend and cat/fur child, Luna. She enjoys being involved in the community, meeting new people and traveling! Most of all, she loves whenever she gets the chance to play her favorite video game, the Sims!
She gives everyone she meets a pink and sparkly perspective to content marketing!”
Happy Hour with a Purpose

(Includes hands-on workshop to elevate business strategies for more income, appetizer and one Tenacious Queen signature drink)

(First Tuesday of each month until October)
Bar Louie 
1352 W. 6th St #152 
Cleveland, OH 44113

Next Happy Hour: Tuesday May 7th  6-8pm 
Investment: $47 
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